Barnabas Offering

Barnabas, son of encouragement, giver of gifts, a man blessed with more than he needed and the faith to give it to God’s people for the meeting of needs. Our first Barnabas offering took place in November of 2009. We continued to receive some gifts after the offering date. In addition, the Leadership team transferred funds into the Barnabas fund to be able to respond to needs presented to us.  There were a total of 12 gifts given by Journey Church to those in need.

Each case brought to the leadership team by someone close to those in need and simply asking if there was anything we could do to help. The leadership team determined the amount of the gift and approved each one.  We do our best to protect the dignity and confidentiality of the needs and those in need.

November 28 is another chance for us to give to this fund.  Gifts of encouragement, gifts of thanksgiving for God’s abundance in our lives, gifts of faith given to help meet the needs of God’s people and OUR brothers and sisters within the Journey Church family.  Mark on your check “Barnabas Fund”, place it in an envelope marked “Barnabas Fund” or utilize our 3rd party online giving site and enter “Barnabas Fund” in the message section when prompted.

Barnabas giving isn’t limited to November 28.  It can be a spiritual discipline of blessing others by giving regularly for this fund and this purpose.  It is a “cup of cold water” for the thirst, “food” for someone in hunger, clothing for the exposed, care for the infirmed, encouragement to the downtrodden, a lightening of the load and easing of the yoke of life.  A way for us to be Jesus to and for those closest to us.

Consider prayerfully what you will do as an act of worship and as a gift of encouragement.