Dr. Seuss Themed Party

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You’re invited, you’re invited to this thing we made,

Preschoolers, Kindergardeners, and from first through fifth grade

It’s a party! A celebration, with games, friends, so fun!

You can be The Cat, the Grinch or the Lorax,

Horton the phant or the weirdest Blimporax

So dress up and dress big, whatever you see with your eyes,

But if you do a good job in your costume, you will get a wonderful prize


Come with a friend come with a bunch

Don’t hesitate, just go with your hunch

We start at 6:30, just before the night falls

We’ll learn about Jesus and the ways that our names He calls


So now you know, you know it now

November 13, is the date

it’ll be amazing, it’ll be like “WOW!”

And at 6:30 we’ll open the gate!

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